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A naturopathic consultation is essentially a detailed health profile. I will make a thorough assessment of your case history, in an attempt to identify the root cause of your health problems. I understand the need to carefully consider the individuality of each client.

A consultation with a naturopath will often be a lot longer than one you may have experienced with your family doctor or GP, with the first visit often taking from 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Naturopathy is a complete all-round approach to health and wellbeing. We’ll work together to evaluate your current state of health, your health history, review any testing, as well as evaluating your current diet and lifestyle. I will then develop a thorough nutrition and lifestyle plan that addresses your issues and concerns and together we’ll work towards restoring optimal health.

Naturopathic consultations at Indigo Wellbeing are generally broken down into the following:

Initial Consultation: Seen as a ‘fact-finding’ consult. We gather your detailed health history, perform relevant screenings and evaluate your health and treatment goals.

Follow-up consultation: Generally held a week later to present you with our recommendations on how we plan to achieve your health goals. Treatment generally starts here.

Subsequent follow-up consultations are scheduled depending on the nature of the presenting condition, your goals and the treatment plan agreed with your practitioner.

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